Saturday, 16 July 2011

Vomiting with the 2nd pregnancy

It's been a while since I've had the time to update this, since the birth of my first son has kept me pretty damned busy for the first year, after which I got a job for another year, and got pregnant again during that time, and gave birth to my second son 5 months ago, after which I quit my job to take care of both of them ... for now.

The bad news is that the vomiting I wrote about with my first pregnancy was also present during my second one. That was how I knew to buy the pregnancy test kit. I drank a Coke and felt the familliar burping / vomiting sensations I learned to dread for 9 months.

The good news was that the vomiting was greatly minimised because I knew the food to avoid, and the food I could keep down. There was still vomiting, though. But for 7 months, instead of the 9 months I had with my first son.

So for fellow sufferers out there, the symptoms seem to get better with subsequent children. That said, I will still kill my husband if I get pregnant again. :)

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