Thursday, 12 February 2009

Pool Adventures

Chris was taking shots of the solar eclipse that happened a few weeks ago, and accompanied me for a swim, since the pool afforded a relatively unobstructed view of the sun.

While waiting for the clouds to bugger off, he focused his attention on a more interesting subject. His whale-wife doing laps in the pool.

The tranquility of the blue water was occasionally interrupted by two fingers

Doing the breaststroke & surprising Chris with poses each time I came up for air

Sometimes, shark infested oceans are safer than apartment pools

Pissed off with some inconsiderate Korean kids who threw their slipper into the pool as I was swimming. Waiting for them to fall into the water so I can drown them

"ANYUNGHASEYOO you motherfucking brats!!!!"


Warren said...

LOL at the last comment!

The Phoenix said...

Hehehe. What? You mean it doesn't mean "fuck you"??