Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Selfish Much ?!

I can be a selfish, self-centered bitch at times, I know. But for the most part, I know it's a reprehensible trait and always try to put others' convenience before mine, because another one of my traits is CONSIDERATION for others.

So I would inconvenience myself first, before I would allow another person to be inconvenienced by me : "Oh, your regular TV show is on now? It's ok, it's ok! I'll reschedule my appendectomy to tomorrow la. No worries :)"

That's why I can't understand nor abide by motherfuckers who only think about themselves, despite you already telling them how much inconvenience their request will put you through.

Case in point, my mom has been bed-ridden with high fever the last 2-3 days. It was so bad that she couldn't even get up from bed, and I had to start icing her down every half hour or so because she was so hot. Her face was flushed beet-red and her eyes were bloodshot. She couldn't even eat or drink.

In this time, she had an appointment with a someone - let's call it Z. Unfortunately for Z, it was a critical appointment that was hard to re-schedule. But, my mom was sick, so how the fuck was she expected to make it?

She called Z to cancel, and all Z could say was how difficult it was to schedule the appointment (cuz it was like a final exam for Z), and if my mom could at least try to make it.

Now, in all past appointments with Z, each one usually lasts 3 hours and my mom is put through some physical pain, which bothers her for a few days after the appointment is over.

This time, my mom can't even sit up in bed, and she still wanted my mom to try and make it and be tortured for 3 AGONIZING HOURS, when she's already in so much pain?!?! I mean, I understand how dire the situation is for Z, but my mom is sick!!

Then, Z calls to ask if my mom could make it if the appointment was postponed to the afternoon instead. Oh, so it's so hard to reschedule, is it? TERRIBLY HARD.

My mom was getting worse, and I suspected she had Dengue, so I called Z myself to cancel. I was feeling bad for Z, cuz we were inconveniencing her. But that changed to fury when Z said, "Oh yeah, it's ok. I know these things happen and can't be helped, so maybe we could reschedule again to this Thursday instead?"

I mean, I just told you my mom might have Dengue. And your response is, "I know these things happen and can't be helped" ?!?!?!?! Were you even fucking listening? I mean, normal human beings would be horrified by the severity of the sickness and say, "It's ok, let me know what the doctors say and we'll reschedule when she's better."

But NO. She just kept REPEATING how HARD it was for HER to reschedule!!

No concern over my poor mother who might have Dengue. And she has the gall to schedule an appointment in 2 days, when she should know that Dengue might take up to a week to recover from.

FUCK. I am so bloody pissed at the selfishness. I understand it's a make or break exam for her career, but if my mom has Dengue, don't tell me your professors can't make an exception and delay the exam ?!?!?!?

The best part is, after laying on the guilt trip about rescheduling, she calls the next day to say she can NOW reschedule for next week. FAN-FUCKING-AMAZING. Of course, this is laid over with the usual reminders on the difficulty of rescheduling, and pressuring my poor sick mom to commit to making it on that date.

OH MY FUCKING G--! I'm going to rip her fucking lungs out!!! See how well she'll do in the exam without alveoli.

Is my mom even a human being to you, or is she just an unfortunate lab rat??! GOD. It's very apparent that the only thing on her mind is, "ME. ME. ME. And ME."

I'm tempted to sit in for the whole appointment with my mom and bitch slap her with a smelly cod, screaming at her all the while to hurry up with the procedure and to stop hurting my mom.

What a shitty bedside manner Z has. She'd better fix that if she wants to have repeat patients in the working world.

Can't stand inconsiderate, selfish motherfuckers who only think about themselves.

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