Friday, 20 March 2009

So grumpy

I don't know if it's the weather or if it's my pregnancy hormones.

I'm just so damned grumpy these last few days. I hate everyone: every race, creed, colour, religion ... including my own. Everything is pissing me off.

Moving out of the apartment is really tiring, especially in the 3rd trimester. Feel exhausted from just a small, bit of exertion. And as though I'm not grumpy enough, I'm discovering how shitty it is to live in a condo.

Management won't let me move out at my convenience. It has to be at THEIR convenience. Weekdays, or Sat up to 1pm. I mean, WTF?? Just so happens I can only move out on Sat afternoon. Instead of providing a solution to this problem, they just keep repeating how their bosses won't budge and they must "follow procedure". The 2 exact words that make me want to vomit boiling acid on the face of the motherfucker who said them to me.

Rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! DIEeee MOTHERFUCKERRRRRRRRS!

Am so glad I'm moving out of this stupid apartment, with it's stupid rules and it's stupid Building Management who insist on perpetuating flame wars with its residents instead of doing their jobs in making this a safe and pleasant place to LIVE.


joy said...


Can't you just move out with or without their permission? How are they going to stop you?

The Phoenix said...

They can prevent the lorry from coming in. I need a lorry to move the bed out.

Assholes. I feel like a prisoner here, and it's supposed to be our HOME.

There was one time the guards actually wouldn't allow us to bring visitors in, IN OUR CAR. They would stop us and make us register mom and Noel before we could pass the guardhouse. WTF?!

The residents are very unhappy with the current president of the building mgmt, and have been crying out for his resignation.

joy said...

Can't you get everyone to do a petition or something? So you couldn't move today? Or is it next saturday?

The Phoenix said...

Next Sat. But prolly will arrange for another day, too much drama.

The building mgr said it was the same ruling for the other condos he manages, to minimise disturbance to the other residents. Whatever.