Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Joshua's Vocabulary

The little fella is progressing a lot faster than I'm used to. He's 16.5 months now. He's lucky he's got an older brother to imitate.

"Pimp daddy in da house, yo"

So far these are the things he can say, that I can remember :
- What's this? (wah-gis?)
- Who's this? (who-gis?) : Surprisingly accurate usage when pointing at another human.
- Dog (dukkh) : Used to describe dogs, horses or any other animal or living creature.
- Cat (kaah - meeeww mewww) : For cats
- Apple (ehh-puhh) : For apples, oranges and other inanimate objects.
- Banana (na-na) : For bananas
- Moon (moo) : For the moon
- Ducky (dah-kiii) : For his rubber ducky
- Car (kaah-kaah) : For cars
- Soup (thoop) : For soup
- Aeroplane (ehh-pohhh) : For airplanes and helicopters
- Ball (bohhhh) : For balls
- Eyes (ai-ai) : For the eyes
- Nose (noooo) : For the nose
- Ta-dah (tah-tahhh) : To demonstrate his awesomeness when he's accomplished something. Not often.
- Kiss ( * makes kissing sound * )
- Fish (gihh) : For the fighting fish
- One Two Three (wahh-tooo-teeee)
- Up (up-up-up) : For getting out of his high chair
- Kick (kikhh) : For actually pretending to kick something, or kick a ball
- Goal (gohhhhhllllll) : Usually shouts this in reference to anything he does to a ball. Goal or not.
- Papa : For papa
- Tata : For tata
- Neneh : For neneh
- Ahma : For ahma
- Nen-Nen : For milk or my breastpads, or sometimes water
- Poo-poo : Usually said after he has done the deed, or in reference to the toilet
- Kai-kai : For outings in the car
- Choo-choo : For trains. He recognises the word "train" but will always respond with a "choo-choo".
- Pampers (pam-puhhh) : For his diapers
- Mam-mam : For food, but he hardly uses this one.
- Penis (pihhh-ni) : For his penis. But he only tried to say this a few times, and got shy.
- Oh no (oh-nuuuuu) : When things fall on the floor
- No (nuu-nuu-nuuu) : When scolding himself. Sometimes only.
- Hot (hahh-hahh) : When touching or eating anything hot or warm. He follows this with a jerky hand gesture, which was the sign language I tried to teach him before I got lazy. So cute.
- Cold (koh-koh) : When touching my glass of Coke. Starting to use it more accurately for other cold things.

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