Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Milestones Update - Part 1


27 Jan 2012 - 1st word. Hello

29 Jan 2012 - stood on his own

9 Feb 2012 - 1st time slept in own room. C1's room. Major hard shit n constipation. Started eating rice.

10 Feb 2012 - 2 more bottom teeth erupted. Can eat rice. Prefers adult food to porridge or cereal. Loves chicken.

13 Feb 2012 - Ate scoop of choc ice cream. Loved it.

8 Mar 2012 - 1st steps. Took 4 steps crossing from activity table to couch.

29 Mar 2012 - walking steadily n dramatically for 1st time in in laws' hse. Holding small 
book. Recovering from cough n fever. Only got sick about 3 times in his life so far.

12 Apr 2012 - can move from sit to stand without pulling up on furniture. Hands on floor, straightens legs, then raises trunk.

16 Apr 2012 - can get up from squat to stand without any support. No hands on floor.

21 May 2012 - transitioned to 1 nap a day. About 2 hours. Instead of 1.5 to 2 hrs in morning and 1 hour in afternoon.

26 May 2012 - 4 top molars and canines erupting. Can see bottom molars under swollen gums. Not sleeping well at all at night. Wakes crying.

5 June 2012 - last few weeks, wakes often. Even at naptime. Only sleeps 1 hour per nap now. Hard to calm when wake at night. Screams. Killing me with sleep deprivation. Today ate like a horse!

6 Jul 2012 - told me 'poo poo' n when i put him on toilet n made mm mm sounds, he strained n let out a load. So excited! Never repeated it again though, just like C1. He can still tell me he's about to 'poo poo' or has already gone though, but confuses actual poo with farting. So cute.

July 2012 - Has a "lovie". My breastpads. Loves to smell them for comfort. He knows what they are and keeps asking for his "Nen-nen" when it's bedtime. Will stick his hand down my shirt to grab it roughly if I don't give it in time. Sewed a used but cleaned one to C1's unused toy blankie (which C2 also rejected) and now he loves it. The old one I had sewed to it before didn't have my scent because it was machine washed, which is why he rejected it last time. Hugs it to sleep and sometimes when he wakes from his sleep, he will take a whiff and go back to sleep! OMG.

July 2012 - Can say "Mommy" very clearly. Started with him imitating am ambulance going "mee moh mee moh" so I kept encouraging him to say "Maaaa-meeee" and after a couple of weeks of irregular attempts, he started going, "Mah-meee" pausing between each syllable. Now it's a full on "Mommy!" and I sometimes can't tell if C2 or C1 is calling me. He confuses "Papa" and "Mommy" though, often referring to both of us with the same name.

July 2012 - Very violent when angry (take a toy away, end of shower etc...) and arches back and swings head or beats me or throws the nearest object. I suspect he's imitating me because I've been very moody the last few months. So I've tried being more nurturing and caring, even when he's beating me or headbutting me, and it's brought down some of the intensity, but still quite a ways to go.


31 Dec 2011 - said 'i love you' unprompted for the 1st time. To papa.

24 Jan 2012 - pooed in potty by himself

April 2012 - takes 2 hours or more to sleep at night. No matter what we do. Still wakes once at night. Falls asleep easily at nap time, though - 15 to 30min.

Early June 2012 - finally getting easier to put to sleep at night. About 1 hour. Moved bath time first, cup of milk after bath. Took a few weeks for schedule to take.

July 2012 - Slept through the night many times. Goes down at 10pm - 11pm, then only wakes at 4am or 6am!! Wondering if the difference is he sees C2 being put in the bed next to him,  before he goes to sleep himself. He wants company. Even though C2 goes over after his first waking at 12am, he still thinks C2 is there. Can't wait for C2 to turn 2, so he's old enough to take James' knocks and they can share a bed!

July 2012 - Fed himself without prompting, on his first day in Nakorn Sari. It was sausages. The another day, fried kuey teow. It was just a matter of ensuring he had the right size spoon (not the stupid Ikea one, but the metal teaspoon) and bowl (Nestle Breakfast Cereal melamine bowls!). He's pretty good at it too.

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