Monday, 23 June 2008

MyVis - the new Kancil

It's official. The MyVi has replaced the Kancil as the most irritating car, hated by all motorists, in Malaysia.

I don't have a car anymore, and my hubby's was in the workshop. So we borrowed his sister's MyVi for almost a month.

For almost a month, I was road bullied. I could not drive home without at least one person honking at me for (good Heavens) making a LEGAL turn, with my indicator light on. Or cars rudely cutting in front of me, or not giving me way despite signalling and moving in at a safe distance.

Everyone was pre-disposed to being an asshole to you if you're driving the MyVi. This is despite the fact that I was driving slowly, and safely, at all times, in an effort to conserve precious fuel.

This happened with such regularity that I began to dread getting behind the wheel of that stupid car. When I was in it, I felt vunerable and hunted, like a gazelle separated from it's herd, standing in the middle of an open field, with staring lions at its fringes. I was in an accident waiting to happen.

Now, if you didn't know me, you would probably think I was just a bad driver who got what she deserved. But ha, I made an empirical study on the matter.

Once my hubby got his car back (NOT a MyVi nor a local car of any sort), I took the same route and waited for the road bullying again. But surprise, surprise, everyone was exceedingly courteous. They let me cut in without a fuss, they waited patiently if I had to take a turn, they displayed zero aggressive behaviour.

It was a pleasure to drive again.

So my theory is this. The MyVi is such a vastly proliferated car in Malaysia that the likelihood of it being driven by shitty drivers are much higher, given the fact that almost every household has one.

Add the fact that it's a very popular car with the ladies, and female Malaysian drivers tend to live up to every negative stereotype about female drivers.

So if you've had a bad road experience, the person who pissed you off was highly likely to have been a WOMAN, driving a MyVi.

Hence, despite the fact that I do not drive like the other air-headed bitches on the road these days, I had fit the outward criteria, brought up everyone's prejudice about female MyVi drivers, and inspired them to vent their latent anger on me before I even did anything.

Prior to this, most of the curses were reserved for bitches driving the Kancils. But it looks like the MyVi has overtaken that stupid excuse for a car to be the winner of the Car-Most-Likely-To-Be-Driven-By-Assholes race.

Because of this, the bloody MyVi is the most dangerous car you could ever give to your children. Buy them a fucking Volvo. People will leave them alone.

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