Monday, 30 June 2008

I Rock ...

My ex-colleagues and my ex-boss have been calling me over the last few days. They were so eager to share the good news with me, they were practically buzzing with glee.

Seems that all the work that I'd put into the business in the last 2 years of my tenure there was now paying off in spades. We used to have trouble managing growth over the year before, don't even talk about hitting our targets. We had to beg, plead, cajole, bribe and grovel to just to break even with the year before.

But now, we are double digit growth over the previous year, and actually OVER-achieved on our sales targets. Absolutely shocking.

My ex team was very kind in acknowledging that I was instrumental in driving this growth, and that the business was enjoying it because of the foundation I had painstakingly laid down, and the plans that I had created and set into motion.

They could easily have said that it was my successor's excellence in execution that made this happen, but I'm glad they are giving credit to me. That's the beauty of real narketing (not that SALES crap that most people think is marketing), when you understand how it works.

Marketing, or rather, BRANDING, doesn't pay off immediately. You set the foundation, make it strong, develop sound strategies based on what you know of the market, and if you did a good job, you will reap the rewards 2 years or so later. If you're still there.

The same goes if you do a shit job. If you run off quick enough, the new brand manager will come in and be blamed for the crappy business that's crumbling around his ears, even though it was the doing of the shitty brand manager before him.

So, the business is on solid ground now. All my lost health, hard work, planning and personal sacrifices were worth it. Sort of. I still wish there was some monetary reward for me, but ah well, that's the story of my life.

Work like a dog, and the next person comes along to reap the benefits. It's happened too many times to me for it to be coincidence.

Whatever doubt I may have had of my abilities before, I have none now.

I rock.

I really am the dream employee that any company would be lucky to secure.

Gotta update my resume now! Whoopeee!

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