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How To Avoid Vomiting During Pregnancy

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My theory is that the strange all-day long vomiting I've been experiencing is caused by bad chemistry between the food and my juices when they mix in my stomach.

Either the chemistry is so bad it upsets the stomach and forces my body to expunge the offending mixture, OR, the chemistry creates so much gas that it pushes the food out before peristalsis has a chance to push it safely down.

A sample of my pain. This is actually the most pleasant looking puke pile I've photographed since this ordeal started

This type of vomiting is not to be confused with regular morning sickness or regular nausea which can be alleviated by keeping your blood sugar levels up. This is NOT the same thing, so it does NOT go away after the 1st trimester.

I am 6 months pregnant now, and it's still here. The vomiting, the nausea, the migraines. Only now, I've learned what the triggers are and how to avoid them.

It's definitely caused by the ever mysterious rise in hormones which plague pregnant women. We then have to listen to helpful statements from everyone like, "No one knows what causes it. Just hang on till 2nd trimester."

Well, what if the vomiting and nausea doesn't stop after entering the 2nd trimester? What then? Same answer. Wait and see. In fact, you become one of the statistics. One of the "1 in 1,000 women" who vomit till they deliver.

Fuck that. Being a statistic doesn't soothe me, or make the experience any better! I have to fucking live with this every hour of every fucking day. There is no reprieve for sufferers. And while it's easy for everyone to say I should wait it out, or it'll be over before I know it, lemme tell you something : You try going through this and see if you can continue to be so fucking dismissive!!

The repeated reflux of acid was affecting my throat and my voice. I was starting to lose weight. I was literally scared to look at food. I'm supposed to enjoy the guilt-free eating that comes with pregnancy, not cringe in a corner at every mealtime. I couldn't even skip meals because an empty stomach would make me vomit, too - but this is more painful because it involves regurgitating sizzling gastric juices.

None of the books I've read helps. There's nothing on the web. And unless you're so sick you need to be put on drip, doctors can't help either. Solutions from modern medicine always involve some form of drugs (which I admit, I would rather continue vomiting than take) or medical equipment, as these solutions are ingrained in them by the bloody greedy drug companies. Forget about natural, nutritional solutions.

So far, I've managed to avoid being admitted to hospital by making sure I experimented, documented and theorised what caused the vomiting. I've not touched any anti-nausea medication or anything synthetic from modern medicine - as long as I'm not vomiting blood, I don't want anything from the drug companies to come near me.

The only reason I'm putting on weight again is because after 4 months of terrified eating-then-vomiting, I've figured out how to minimise my exposure to the Vomit Triggers.

I've actually got it down to a science now. But it's exhausting to keep this up everyday, especially when people around you complain that you're being too anal about it, or that it's all in your head ... until I vomit in front of them. They leave me alone after that.

Now, please note that the following is by no means an exhaustive list, but it's all the stuff I've experimented with and learned the hard way during my pregnancy. I may add to it as I find out more. Feel free to send me suggestions based on your own experiences.

These may or may not work for you, but I figured I'd document this anyway so I'll remember what to do if / when I get pregnant again.

- Eat a cracker the moment you wake up. Nothing else can keep the empty stomach puking at bay.
- Do not drink any water / liquids while you are eating. Leave the gastric juices undiluted so they can do their work more efficiently. I have vomited out food that I had eaten 6 hours ago, still sitting in my stomach because my diluted juices made digestion even slower.
- Drink very hot or very cold water only 1 - 2 hours after food.
- Allow up to 4 hours to digest the food, depending on what you ate. The digestive tract works much slower during pregnancy.
- Keep yourself upright for as long as possible after eating. Do not lie flat on your back. Side is sometimes ok. During this time, do not bend, double over, lean forward, squat or twist at the waist to do things. Avoid doing anything that twists the digestive tract and might squeeze the food back out.
- Be aware of your stomach for 30min - 1 hour after eating, as the stomach often doesn't get upset immediately and the vomiting usually starts later. You want to be near a toilet when it does.
- Pop a stick of Spearmint or Peppermint chewing gum after food. Literature says it's the mint that helps, but from experience I'd say it's the chewing and production of alkalitic saliva that helps calm and keep down my gastric acids. I go thru a 5-stick pack of gum a day. I've tried taking actual mint sweets (e.g. Eclipse), but they cause more gas to be released, and my food comes up again with the constant burping. It's horrible because you never know which one is going to be a burp, and which one is going to be regurgitated food. (EDIT 19 SEPT 2012: Only chew full flavour gum. NO SUGARFREE. I discovered during my 2nd pregnancy that ASPARTAME makes the nausea and gas and vomiting worse)
- Do not eat fruits right before or after meals. If you must eat, eat one or two pieces after a meal. It creates a lot of gas and uncomfortable acid reflux, and sometimes leads to vomiting. (EDIT 27 OCT 2016 : I'm on my 3rd pregnancy now. I never learned my lesson. This baby is totally different, and a lot of the food I could eat with my earlier 2 pregnancies now make me sick, but meat and steamed or boiled veggies go down pretty well still. No raw veggies! Still no fruits. Fruits are puke and gas city)

- Pork (roast pork, suckling pig, sweet meat) (EDIT 27 OCT 2016 : 3rd baby survived on roast pork, it was one of the only foods I could eat! But I'm in a different country now, so I suspect it was the seasoning on the pork that made me vomit for the 1st 2 pregnancies .... the pork I'm eating now is only seasoned with salt and brown sauce, none of the Chinese 5 spice seasoning and MSG)
- Chicken. Sometimes ok, but you'll experience a very acidic feeling in your stomach. You will burp sour acid and you will feel sick the whole time it's digesting.
- Beef. Same reason as chicken. (EDIT 27 OCT 2016 : Same as above. Seasoning with salt is fine, goes down well)
- Venison. Similar effects as beef and chicken, but slightly milder.
- Lamb. Apparently Chinese believe this is toxic and no good for the baby. Also, my new superhuman pregnancy nose can't stand the stinky smell.
- Vegetables- Dairy products (Milk or anything containing milk)
- Ice cream
- Milk chocolates
- Cheese (cheddar)
- Coconut or anything containing coconut and all its by-products (e.g. santan). This one feels the worst when being vomited out.
- Nasi Lemak- Sour plums / sum boi. For some strange reason this makes me puke. I suspect it's the body's reaction to too much salt.
- Garlic or anything that contains garlic (Thai Chilli sauce, Nando's Peri Peri sauce, chicken rice from various shops etc...). It leaves a horrible taste in your mouth for a day or so after you bite into a small, diced piece, making the nausea worse.
- Onions. Similar effect as garlic, but not as extreme if eaten raw or pan fried.
- Fried Onions. The type used to garnish or add flavour to porridge and chinese dishes. Very similar effect to garlic.
- Any form of nuts (peanuts, almonds, etc...) - (EDIT 27 OCT 2016 : I survived on peanuts and macadamias on this 3rd pregnancy)
- Fried Sesame seeds
- Bread (white, wholemeal). Causes acidic roiling in stomach.
- Homemade Chicken essence soup
- Chinese food. Usually because of all the MSG and garlic used in preparation. Yuck.
- Oranges
- Apples- Guavas
- Pears. This is intermittent.
- (EDIT 19 SEPT 2012) Anything sugarfree that contains ASPARTAME.

 - Carbonated drinks (Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, Ginger Beer etc ...)
- Coffee
- Milo
- Milk
- Orange juice
- Carrot juice with milk
- Lemon / Lime juice. This causes a lot of gas. (EDIT 19 SEPT 2012) But drinking a small amount, pure & super concentrated, after a meal, tends to help digestion. No sugar.
- Lukewarm water. This seems to join with the bile and unite in volume to expedite the climb out of my throat.

- Jacob's high-calcium crackers. Other types of crackers either make me puke or doesn't keep the gastric vomiting at bay.
- Eggs (in any form, but sparingly)
- Potatoes (baked, fried)
- Potato salad (with macaroni & eggs & mayonnaise)
- Chips (especially with tomato sauce)
- Tuna (in water & mayonnaise)
- Fish (steamed, fried)
- Chillis & Tabasco sauce. This includes spicy food made with chilli padi or dried chilli (very spicy & dry char kuey teow, Kin Kin chilli pan mee, Domino's Beef Pepperoni pizza drowned in Tabasco sauce). I was told by a doctor friend that chillis are actually good for upset stomachs as it has been found that chilli blocks acid production and increases blood flow to the stomach tissue which can aid both prevention and healing of ulcers. Epidemiological studies show (don't quote me on this) the incidence of stomach ulceration is three times lower in countries with a high intake of chilli compared with those that don't. Just make sure there is no santan or any form of milk mixed in there, or you'll vomit anyway.
- Selected fruits in small quantities (One persimmon per seating, very sour mangoes, one small banana --- not all at the same time!)
- Selected vegetables (long beans, cauliflower, broccoli)
- Clear soup (Carrot soup, clear Tom Yam soup)
- Campbells' canned mushroom soup (with water, not milk)
- Campbells' canned New England Clam Chowder soup (with water, but sometimes milk is ok too. Go figure)
- Sweet pastries (sponge cake, suji cake, chocolate cake, cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies)

- Ice cold or boiling hot water. But only in one or two mouthfuls, in between meals. Any more, and you'll puke it out.
- Cold Ribena (not the sparkling type
(EDIT 27 OCT 2016 : Mineral water. Only certain brands, like Mount Franklin. Spritzer made me puke, makes me wonder if it even IS mineral water. I could not handle anything from the tap, everything made me sick even when filtered or boiled - which now makes me believe that the water I've been drinking all this while is actually not good for my body, since the fetus rejected it)

I'll add more to this list as I remember it.

DISCLAIMER : Given the high amount of search hits for this post (and the number of people who apparently don't know how to READ), I repeat : This is what worked for ME, to stop my vomiting and help me put on weight during pregnancy. This is not an optimal pregnancy diet, and it may not work for you. You should check everything with your own doctor (d-uh).

EDIT 1 July 2015 : My son, Condor 1, whom I was pregnant with in this article, has been diagnosed with mild autism. Now, I do not know whether the autism has external causes (it's a sensitive topic that I won't go into here, but I am sure that it was external causes), or whether the lack of nutrition he got during pregnancy had a hand in it. It's unlikely to be the lack of nutrition, as my own doctor said that the fetus takes all it needs from the mother, and my vomiting hurt ME more than the baby (cuz all my nutrition stores had gone to the baby, and I had none for myself).

BUT .... I think about it all the time, and I want whomever that reads this to have this information so they can make their own choices. 

To balance out this info, my second son, whom I also used this diet for, got a hell lot more nutrition cuz this time I wasn't puking everything out in the first trimester, and I actually gained 7kg, instead of the 2kg I gained with my first son. And my 2nd son does NOT have autism, and is in fact highly intelligent and naughty as hell.

EDIT 27 Oct 2016 : I just had my 3rd child. What the fuck, right? Why am I allowing myself to suffer like this again for the THIRD time?!?! Anyway, a lot of the food I could eat, is now food I can't eat, so I had to test and start all over. I made ammendments above where they were different. This pregnancy made me realise a lot of the vomiting isn't just the food, but also what's been added to it! So keep your food as natural and wholesome as possible (i.e. don't add too many sauces, seasonings etc) and make sure it's all cooked, cuz raw stuff like veggies are harder to digest and upset your tummy more at this stage.

It's still early days, but Condor 3 appears to be neurotypical and doesn't have the markers that Condor 1 had at his age, so here's hoping he's fine.


joy said...

hah! Spicy i find good for an upset tummy, but the cause of it if said tummy is empty. I'm suffering as such now. I wonder if my body will react the same way as yours. If it does, at least i can have SOME junk food! Poor big CB

The Phoenix said...

I didn't understand your opening sentence. But this ain't no upset tummy man. It's caused by hormones and shit, so not sure if my triggers will be the same as yours. Basically carbs are safe. Eat stuff with chillis, they help with the digestion so hopefully whatever bacteria's upsetting your tummy is killed or pushed out the back door. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Oops it sounds so weird.. I was walking and typing it on my phone at the time. I mean that spicy food is good for upset tummy - at least for me.. but if my tummy is upset AND empty, then it makes it worse.. oh man.. I never eat Thai on an empty stomach ever!! EVER!!! NEVER AGAIN!!! :O

Anonymous said...

Your information on what you can and can't eat is dangerously WRONG! I'd suggest you speak to a doctor before you post things on the internet that lead to other pregnant women eating based on your list. Shame on you and your lack of responsibility.

The Phoenix said...

If you're going to leave stupid comments like the one you just did, leave your name as well, chicken shit.

The post stays. Shame on YOU and your lack of comprehension skills.

I stated in my blog that this is what worked for ME, to help me avoid vomiting. It may or may not work for you.

Nowhere was it stated this this was an optimum diet for pregnant women. But it was the only one I could survive on and put weight on, based on my own experience.

NO doctors were able to advise me what to eat to avoid the vomiting, because none of them knew what caused it. So unless your suggestion was to STARVE my fetus to death, YOU should take your soap box, your lousy attitude, your empty cranium and fuck off.

Take your own advice and talk to your own doctor, and stop relying on what you read on the net, you lazy piece of crap.

Nisha Talreja said...

Can i have homeopathy medicine during pregnancy for nausea vomiting. please email me at

Nisha Talreja said...

Can i have homeopathy medicine to avoid nausea vomiting?

The Phoenix said...

Hi Nisha,

Thanks for the comment. I'd love to help you but I'm not a doctor or a homeopathist (or whatever they're called). Just a regular pregnant person with very irregular vomiting :(

You should check that question with your doctor. The above tips are what worked for ME, so you can try them if you like, to see if it worked for you - but if it doesn't, please do not continue!

I didn't try any homeopathy during my pregnancy because I couldn't find anyone who could advise me (reliably) on it.

Liz Fernandez said...

Just wanted to say that I totally relate to what you are talking about...I too have the if you eat too much or too little food you puke in pregnancy going on...and I'm almost in 5th month. I have to eat all the time small amounts otherwise if I let myself get too empty, the next time I eat, all that comes right back up. I have terrible acid reflux and recently puked blood becuase I tore my esophagus...maalox works really well for me..small amounts when needed...and eating constantly...I bought 100 dollars worth of food for my office. This is not the nauseous that everyone else has.. thank god I have figured out a way to control it, but every week or so something happens or I eat something acidic and its all over...again! I also am having throat/voice problems. Very interesting. Thanks for posting!

The Phoenix said...

Hi Liz,

I could kiss you. Only fellow sufferers know how hard this is, and I can't tell you how much I wanted to punch in the faces of people who don't go thru it, yet find they're in a position to lecture me.

From what I've gathered from fellow vomiters, yours should stop at either 5 mths, or at the most 7 mths. For me, I'm at 40 weeks now, and I can still vomit if I don't avoid the triggers above - though it's no longer as sensitive.

I've asked my doctor and he doesn't recommend that I take anything, even Maalox. If you can hold on, try to. But I understand how hard it is, especially when you're working throughout your pregnancy!

I was even avoiding Panadol (despite having crushing migraines from all the vomiting) for the sake of the baby, but the docs told me that Panadol is A-OK :) So I take only when I can no longer bear it.

Thanks for the sharing! :)

Kimyan said...

Good morning,
I can totally related to your post. I am not as far along as you, but i've reached that 2nd trimester month and either this baby hates me or I'll be following in your footsteps. I found your site because I threw up so hard and so long yesterday that my throat is on fire and NOTHING is helping. I laugh at other comments because no two pregnant women are the same so no two diets are the same. My routine was grits for breakfast and bolonga w/cheese on wheat for lunch. But the baby started kicking back the bolonga. I am so frustrated and can't wait for this pregnancy to be over in NOVEMEBER and that is FOREVER from now.
I wanted to run and hug you when I saw you say you ate and 6 hrs later you threw it all up. The first time I did that I was like WTF? That's everything I ate early and the scary part is I could identify it.
Thanks for your list. Me and dairy don't get along, nor OJ tears my stomach lining up. So far, stuff like grits, and mashed potatoes are my saviors. LOL.
Good luck it sounds like your at the end. Hopefully that baby will come on out if its not already here and give you some relief. Let hope he or she isn't a picky eater.
Thanks again for you post and Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phoenix,

I so feel you! I Fight the need to puke continually but I'm only in my 14th week. My Doctor keeps suggesting I take some pills to make it stop but like you I perfer not to take pills unless I have too!

I wanna punch people that tell me if I just have a cracker I'll feel better! As if I haven't tried that I like love puking at work!

Reading through your list it sounds like you have done of lot of trial and error testing!

it's sad currently the only thingsi can keep down is beef... potatos, some breads, and all kinda of fruit but I can't stand chicken or pork or fish or any sort of veggies =(

if you are in your 40th week 2 weeks ago you probably already gave Birth! I hope you are feeling better =) and Congratz if you have given birth =)

The Phoenix said...

Hi Kimyan (and Anonymous),
Sounds like you have similar problems to mine! Try the stuff in my list to see if it helps. The potatoes (mashed, fried, whatever) are a big help! They provided most of my calories early on in the pregnancy. Cheese and dairy products were evil. As were citrus fruits. Veggies too!

I've given birth 3 weeks ago. The good news is the MINUTE baby and the placenta came out, I could eat properly again!! So hang in there - there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

And baby is VERY well behaved, healthy and problem-free (touch wood), so I guess the suffering during pregnancy was worth it! :)

I didn't take any pills other than Panadol for my migraines - even so, I probably took less than 10 throughout the whole pregnancy. Try not to take any medicine, and experiment like hell with your food.

But, be warned. I was able to eat better around 7 mths, then in the 8th and 9th month, my nausea returned. AND, I could NOT eat the food that was ok in my 1st trimester. Potatoes started to make me sick!! So I had to experiment with food AGAIN in my 8th and 9th month!! But I only FELT like throwing up, and very seldom vomited. Not like in the 1st trimester, where I vomited everyday, a few times a day.

Good luck with your pregnancies, and feel free to share your experiences again! I hope your vomiting stops soon!

MsSheepy said...

for me, eating spicy dry food and eating spicy potato chips helps a lot. Seems that is the only thing i can keep it down permanently.

Sometime, smelling a fresh lemon or an orange helps to ease the nauseous feeling also.

Following the textbook guide on curbing vomiting does not work for me at all too.

Crackers doesn't help for nuts. I agree with the burbing, never knew if it's just burb or the food. Hahha

thanks for sharing this post.

The Phoenix said...

Hi Ms Sheepy,

It warms the cockles of my heart to see so many people who can relate to this post, and have managed to survive this experience!

My baby is now 7 weeks old and he's healthy as a horse! Though a little too skinny compared to all the other fat babies around - mainly due to him growing taller rather than fatter.

Oh, this is even though I did not take ANY supplements other than folic acid and the occassional iron pill.

Good luck with yours and feel good that as long as you find something you CAN hold down, and that you're gaining weight, your baby will come out healthy! My doc told me he gets all the nutrients he needs from his mom - he's the perfect parasite!

Anna said...

I can't believe how nasty and bitchy some of the comments are on here. It's great that you took the time to share your own experiences on here - it sometimes helps just to know that you are not alone in your suffering. I think the nasty people should just click off it if they have a problem with it and leave their venom inside. I feel sorry for their children having such unfeeling mothers!

The Phoenix said...

Hi Anna,

I know! I hope that person stop polluting cyberspace with his/her rubbish.

You're right, if I'd known how many ppl go thru this as well, I wouldn't have felt so miserable for 9 months. Majority of the world did not commiserate with me, my own family included, as they all had easy pregnancies. It was very depressing at first.

Anonymous said...

My nausea never ended. I felt like 'its ok, i can eat now'. But after i eat within 5-10 min i vomit. So from 5th month, i started taking very frequent meals every 40 min , only 4 spoons (before i used to wait for 2 hrs, it did not work for me). The whole idea is never leave my stomach empty nor fill it with too much meal. Thought i felt nausea till 9th month, its very rare to throw up as i followed the above procedure.

After eating immediately, i will listen to my favorite music with very low sound and avoided any light, so that i can divert from this nausea feeling (or see my favorite movie).

tikitiki said...

Well this has helped because now i know that im not the only person who wants to cringe at the site of food. I had morning sickness the whole first trimester, the second went by with none, and then the first day i hit the third trimester everything went downhll. it seems everytime i eat ANYTHING even if it is just a few bites my stomach seems to think im way too full and then i end up running to the bathroom to throw everything back up and then puke whatever is left in my stomach. the hearburn is unbearable and gets worse everytime i want to go to sleep. ugh but i mean i can't complain since im getting a miracle out of this whole dramatic thing!

GIM said...

I have vomited thrice so far. Once was when i took milk so i agree with you about Not taking Milk. For apples, oranges i eat them with no problems. I just hope this doesn't become a problem. However i will starve once i puke and the next time i eat, i have no any problems.
You should also have said avoid the sun:)

Ade said...

i have the same problem too! just 13 weeks pregnant and dont have what people called morning sickness but i tend to vomit easily after eating and yup some of the foods that you mentioned i think was the trigger.
I also cannot drink cow milk but i change it to soya instead and works like a charm :)..
I ask friend that had went the same experience and said it wont go even after you reach 3rd trimester. It happens because your hormones just like what you said. Pregnancy symptom is different for each people and so i think we need to find out ourselves what works for us!

SR said...

Awesome article.I had similar problems like yours and had lost a lot of weight(became underweight)One day,I sat on a flight back home,somehow felt better and ordered some flight food and never threw up after that.Maybe it had to do with the change of scenario.Dunno.I was healthy all through my Pregnancy.
Guess you must've delivered now.Good Luck!Write on!!!

Amanda said...

Thank you for your post! I'm so glad I found something I could relate to! I'm now 9 weeks pregnant and have been vomiting when I eat and when I don't eat. It's frustrating me to no end and I've even wished I wasn't pregnant sometimes. I started searching for similar cases because I was vomiting out even the "healthy" foods like fruits I used to love. It's been irritating also when folks around me who are super dense, tell me to enjoy my pregnancy and kept making sweeping statements about how my nausea is tapering off for sure. How would they know??? I hope I'll find my "safe foods" soon. Congrats to your happy baby boy!

Doll said...

Brinda Said.
I think this Is really Helpfull tips to avoid Vomiting all the time.

Sundi said...

So glad to hear I am not alone in this torture. I'm ten weeks pregnant now and have been nauseated and vomiting 24 hours since week four. Eating doesn't really make it better but not eating makes it a lot worse and either way there is a good chance it will come up and even if it doesn't all you can think about is "Oh God, am I going to vomit again because it sure feels like it". And so it goes on and on like that except for the few hours of sleep I Might get in the night-so okay maybe not 24 hours but but at least 18. On top of that I salivate constantly-foam at the mouth like a rabid dog and am constanly thirsty except that most of the time drinking water tastes so bad-drinking anything for that matter... you get the point. I wonder how I am going to survive this. Good luck ladies from a fellow puker.

The Phoenix said...

Sundi - hang in there! It feels like forever and it feels like it's never going to end and you can't possibly see how you can survive till the end of 9 months, but rest assured, you WILL MAKE IT. I mean, the fact that you've not got it bad enough to land up in the hospital (hyperemeses gravidarum, it's called I think) means you're still doing fine. Though of course, always check your weight progress and baby's with your doctor!

The baby may be really skinny when you deliver though (as mine was), but they catch up pretty quick! Hope you find your safe foods soon! And try drinking really ice cold water ... it sort of numbs the taste buds so you can drink more. That's what I did, cause I couldn't stand the taste of lukewarm or even slightly chilled water.

Anonymous said...

Great post... I am 18 weeks pregnant and have experienced EXACTLY what you went through! Except that I can't tolerate any fruit either... Totally running out of things to eat when nothing sounds appealing. Ugh. I'm pretty convinced that it will never end.
As far eating crackers, they are the worst.... now, they come up quicker than anything else ever did.
I have figured out that I need to eat a little something about every 55 minutes. Seriously, if I wait just 5 minutes after an hour has passed, it's all over for the rest of the day! If anyone has any great ideas for getting a little protein in these hourly snacks, that would be great. (Peanut butter isn't cutting it for me.)

Oh, and Sundi... I could not STAND the taste of water after awhile even if it was really cold. I've been able to drink the "Revive" flavor of VitaminWater, though, if it is super cold over crushed ice... it has just a hint of flavor to make it drinkable but isn't too sweet.

Good luck to everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

Anonymous said...

I am not going to be original this time, so all I am going to say that your blog rocks, sad that I don't have suck a writing skills

SWAPNA said...

It was really good reading this, Thanks for all the valuable time ur taken to write it down, for ppl like me who have going to have thier first Child,

Thanks a Lot!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this post... i am 28 weeks and vomit all the time it hasnt stopped since the moment i became pregnant. it is horrible, thank you so much for making me feel not so alone, all my friends and family think im full of shit. It is truly shit though me and my hubby have to sleep in seperate rooms some nights so he can get some sleep, some nights im up every hour!! i tried some of the drugs the doctors gave me early on in my pregnacy but they didnt work then so i dont see them working now. having food in me to actually vomit up is so much calmer on my throat, sometimes i vomit blood and my throat burns- mylanta (godsend) i do however suck on hydrate icy poles which occassionally help. my bub moves around alot and its amazing, i cant wait to meet him/her, and that very moment when i will not be sick again!!
thank you

sri. said...

i am feeling the same theese days and its just 7 weeks .. i have to go a long way...and this sickness is getting weird day by day ..
i don't wanna eat those tablets the doc recommends.. i searched a lot for this... thanks for sharing ur experience.. its good to know others are also experiencing same thing...
just wanted to know when should i go for a sonographic test so that i know that the baby is growing in the right place...

Anonymous said...

am in the 9th week now and experiencing the 'joys' of nausea...
its morning afternoon evening and night sickness for me...
i feel scared to eat at times as the weird burping starts after i eat
and at times am so hungry that its like a huge hole in my tummy and then i feel the roiling start inside
once i was advised to drink a few sips of cold milk before sleeping...tht was the came up promptly and my teeth and entire mouth was like drenched in stomach acid till i could muster the courage to use a toothpaste and brush...yuck
brushing my teeth sometimes triggers the episode in the morning
my solution is am eating a lot of Emblica officianalis and Garcinia indica (thts the botanical names) dried fruit which is of some help,
biting into Ginger, a small piece, fresh and raw with a bit of salt also helps
or biting into a small slice of raw lemon with salt sprinkled on it keeps it at bay
actually i think its activating the saliva, tht keeps me frm throwing up
the doc has prescribed some anti-nausea stuff for me but i dont intend to take any of it absolutely.

The Phoenix said...

If you guys can make it through your day without passing out, try not to take any medication from the doctors. It's really hard. I could NOT even take care of myself, I barely got through each day and 9 months seemed an impossible amount of time to suffer like this.

But hell! It's worth it. The baby comes out healthy! Just keep experimenting with whatever works well for you, and hang in there.

I am now pregnant with my second child and ... not to scare you ... but I'm going through the same bloody thing. But because I sort of know the triggers, this has been a lot more manageable than the 1st pregnancy and I don't vomit as much nor have lost as much weight.

Here's the clincher though. Some of the safe foods in my post above do NOT work with this 2nd pregnancy. So I'm sort of experimenting again. Chilli, tabasco sauce and spicy food (NOT curry) is still helping as it seems to make my digestive tract work faster, so the food goes down better.

And REALLY sour mangoes (hard, green and really bad for my teeth) with lots of salt make me feel better when the nausea / gonna-vomit-feeling starts. I think the acid from the sour mangoes assist the acids in the stomach to make them work better.

Will post new stuff when I have the time, but it's a nightmare these days because I can still barely take care of myself, AND my firstborn AND handle my new full-time job.

By the way, I did some checking, and I'm pretty sure I have Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Definitely had it for the first one. But most doctors won't diagnose you until it's so severe you end up being admitted to hospital ... so it results in a lot of us not getting the right care nor emotional support from people around us, and we keep questioning our sanity.

Read up more about it online and see if you have all the symptoms, and check if it's not regular morning sickness (if you're on my web page, I doubt it's morning sickness) ....

Anonymous said...

Holy cow I'm glad I found this blog. I'm 6 1/2 months prego and the vomiting doesn't stop. I have missed so much work I can't pay my bills!!! Just sent my hubby to the market to buy me some items from your list. Fried fish is my friend its the only thing I keep down. I'm so miserable. I'm patiently waiting for my squidgy boy to be born, I feel him moving constantly and I hope he is doing well in there. My Dr told me straight up, the baby is fine, you are screwed. Yep, to the point. I was hospitalised once and shot up with Zofran, so I went straight from the hospital to an all you can eat buffet lol. I needed this baby to get some food. Forget prenatal vitamins those kill my stomach. I have been taking gummy Flintstone vitamins in the afternoon and so far so good. This is all touch and go with this vomiting thing. I will stop at my one baby, next time I feel broody I will buy a puppy. Lol. Thanx again for your blog.

Haleemath said...

Hi there all the moms to be...and thanks for the information. Im now 10 weeks pregnant, I also have been vomiting but since my family members say you'll find out what your baby likes, I have soon started experimenting with food pretty quickly before this post. for morning crackers are good,and other dried foods without water or other drinks. I usually eat every 2-3 hours. just 2 handfuls. after meal i keep a water bottle in my hand and take sips from that enough to dry my mouth. not more than that. yams, potatoes, sweet potatoes worked for me, when i boil it i dont add anything into it. try to eat a mango or a banana every day it will help your digestion.Mostly i liked salty stuff, salty + sour but its not good to intake too much sour stuff. I was also able to eat chocolate cake, chocolates were not that good.when I had too much of burning sensation i take 2-3 tablespoon of dry milk(powder milk) and swallow. after meal i sit on the floor upright rather than lying down.when i need to sleep I usually pile up 2-3 pillows and lay. wear loose clothes and feel comfortable it is also essential.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say "I LOVEEEEE YOU!" I googled throwing up while pregnant aafter eating chinese food and you were probably the 10th one down but you were the only thing that really matched what i had googled so i clicked on it and when I read this i felt so much better! finally someone knows what i am going through! i am about 16 weeks pregnant with my second child, and my first child was a dream pregnancy compared to this! everyone (my husband included) keeps telling me its all in my head but exactly what you said is what is happening to me. all the foods you have listed not to eat make me sick and the things you said i can eat dont. i feel so much better because for the past few weeks after listening to everyone say its in my head i was actually beginning to believe them and thinking i was making myself sick! thank you for writing this. it makes me know im not the only one to go through this!

jill said...

Thank you so much for your blog! I swear, if I didn't throw up every now and then, my husband would think I was making the whole nausea thing up! UGH! I am 13 weeks preg and have been sick since the beginning. I throw up probably twice a week, and always at night. But I FEEL sick ALL day long!!! After reading some of your "dont's", I'm pretty sure milk (and I only drink soy milk) is doing it. Well, almost everything else too, except 3 things - oatmeal, baked potatoes, and McDonald's fries (with extra salt if there's not enough). My first pregnancy was absolutley wonderful so this is almost doubly frustrating - was NOT expecting THIS. I'm definitely looking toward the light at the end of the tunnel in October because I'm thinking this is going to continue for a while. Good luck to all you ladies with these same experiences - we WILL get through it and we WILL be able to eat our favorite foods again!

Jessica said...

thank you for posting this! finally i find some useful information.

many of your tips are directly in line with what i've been discovering for myself. but the details on hours and food combining really helped me put it all together.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post. I can really relate on how u felt. It's my first pregnancy and i'm one of the sufferers of nausea and vomiting. I also found out that drinking water immediately after meal or during meal makes me vomit after an hour or so. The food just doesn't get digested... And it just gives you a bad feeling..all day and then you'll puke in the end.
I also try to avoid medicines...just like you, i try to experiment what food works for me and what doesn't.
Again, it's a great blog. It's something that also helps me emotionally. ---Liza

Marlene said...

OMG!! I am so happy that I am not the only person suffering through this. I am at 19 weeks and ever since week 8, it's been hell!! I want to evict this baby out of me immediately, if it weren't for the fact that she isn't ready to come out. All of my friends miss me drinking with them but I miss eating food I used to enjoy!! Something as simple as eating is so scary and complex (will this make me vomit??). Anyway, I find that things are changing up for me within each trimester. The first trimester, I could only eat simple carbs (no meat or veggies) but now this trimester won't even allow it! I am just counting down the weeks until it's time...I can't wait....

The Phoenix said...

I'm so glad this post has helped so many other sufferers! And yes, this is real. And no, you're not making it up in your head. Screw the people who say you are. No one can understand it unless you've been through it.

I've just had my second child and I went through the same thing. Puking puking and puking. But it was less severe this time around (maybe because I knew what to avoid) and the vomiting only lasted till 7 mths, instead of all 9.

So if you still want more kids, it seems to get better with practice. Though I will kill my husband if I get pregnant a 3rd time. Twice is all my body can take!

Anonymous said...

That was an excellently written essay, thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for ur sharing info..I'm in 10 weeks n vomit every meal I've taken..this is my 2nd child after 12 years.the 1st pregnancy was heaven n now it is hell.. I really can't wait to get it out..empty stomach,full stomach n yet vomit throat is sore..I am thirsty,hungry n tired..I
Will try your list starting today hopefully it goes well.I do have supporting husband n feel pity of what I had now.he even swear this will be d last,he really can't see me in pain although I'm not complaining.coz he knows I used to be strong woman.reading all the comment posted here make my day..thanks u all.. Wish I had remote button to forward everything :(

Anonymous said...

I am going through almost the same thing, been dehydrated and even hospitalized. I have a fish allergy so no fish and no meats at all either so its down to eggs, crackers and finally after weeks water and ribena. my partner thinks I need to be more active and "shake" it off, but let his ass have to go through constant nausea and an aversion to food and i wonder how he would make it. thanks for sharing

Julie said...

Thank you for your blog. It is very informative and many of your triggers are triggers for me also. I hate being told it's in my head! My doctor admitted that at this point, if I still vomit within 10 minutes of getting up without anti-nausea meds, I will be sick for the rest of my pregnancy. I am six months pregnant and manage to keep dinner down about 4 nights a week. I have realized that any meat makes me sick about 3-4 hours after I eat it. I take anti-nausea medication each morning so I can get through work without vomiting and only mild nausea. Unfortunately, the medication wears off by the time I get home, and dinner never sounds good. I eat mainly muffins and mashed potatoes and not much else in between. I have lost 9 lbs since I became pregnant, I can't imagine how much I would lose if I don't continue to take the anti-nausea meds. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Im so glad when i found out ur in 11 weeks having similar situation like yours..vomitting after 6 hours meal.....and the empty tummy can trigger it too......its drive me crazy and im very frustrated about ur blog make me feel relax and not alone struggling with this problem...thank you so much for the infos...

Hayati :)

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and thanks for the info. I'm 16 weeks and thought I was done with this nausea mess until yesterday and today. I ate lasagna last night and after 2 hrs I felt a really sharp pain in my upper stomach chest area. I knew right away it was coming back up. The pain last about 30 mins. I mean I felt like I was going to die. Today I ate a sandwich and again with the pain. I hate this, I'm supposed to be eating everything I want and I can't because of this acid reflux thing. I'm so afraid of drinking and eating anything else. Why can't I be a normal pregnant women that can enjoy food? I also find that I have to eat very small meals because if not, it's all coming back up. It sucks because sometimes I'm so hungry that I can't help eat like a normal person. Then, I'm paying for it a couple hours later.

Anonymous said...

wow it sucks badly not to enjoy my pregnancy well i vomit everything i eat or drink including water ugh......its so discusting. iv tried everything to stop vomiting but nothing helps i hope i can find something that i could keep in my belly. Iv lost 7 pounds i feel weak and i have huge headaches i dont know what to do or how to deal with this HELP PLZ!!!! what can i do????

peacemaker said...

You dear woman. I am on my 6th pregnancy and have a very similar story to yours. The sad news is the food lists have changed for EVERY pregnancy. Each time I've needed to rediscover what will work. My twin pregnancy was the most difficult. My advice to all, which you have done splendidly, is to just learn to listen to your body and do what it says. Your body knows what each baby needs and it's not always the same thing. You're doing great! 0:)

Ps. For some strange reason, red grapefruit and bottled springwater are working well this time 0;)

Anonymous said...


Hi there
I'm in my 15 wk n stil nauseus as eva!I keep vomiting so much it hurts!

Hope it ends soon.its so true that ppl who haven't been thru it don't understand it!I get really hungry sumtyms and hav no idea wat to eat as almost everything dsnt sEem to wana go down!

I started drinking ginger n rooibos tea in the mornin which seemed to help for few days, however nothin sEems long term. U gota keep trying. I hav also lost a lot of weight!

Doc prescribed tablet called asic u take 3 times a day befor meals that seems to help sumtyms as well.

Each day is different! 2day I might not vomit at all but tomorrow I could vomit 3 times!the toothpaste also makes me gag! I cannot cook. I hav tried but if I walk in the kitchen my body hurls at the sight of raw meat! I even feel the drain in the kitchen sink smells!

I think the best thing to do is pray! ONLY GOD can help! And may GOD help us all!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, everything you said not to eat is right up in there. ^^ the only reason your body can take those things is because you're probably used to them, you might want to change your eating habbits for you and your little one. I've also noticed prenatal vitamins helped me A LOT like, within a day my ms went away quicker. Spicy things also increase your chances of heartburn, and fish has been proven to cause some mental retardations in children so... You're eating kinda risky.

The Phoenix said...

Wow, Anonymous 21 Jan.

You're one of those people my disclaimer above is referring to.
Read the full article above, and NOT just the bullet points.

This is NOT about morning sickness.

I hope for the sake of your new kid, you learn to read. Quick.

Anonymous said...

I am so so relieved after reading your blog! I'm at 38 weeks and the vomiting only stopped for a few weeks in my 2nd trimester. I thought I was the only one experiencing this because everyone I have talked to had no clue what I was talking about. My diet has been as wacky and as trial and error as yours! I just wanted to say that your blog made me feel better about my strange diet and my rough nine months. :)

foot fungus said...

That list is damn long, my wife is gonna go ballistic on me if she sees this list... LOL.

Anonymous said...

Such a treat reading this article after all the suffering. I now 19weeks and am one of the 'lucky' ones - only vomit occasionally but suffer from constant nausea. Had a lovely Valentine's Dinner last night followed by vomiting all the way back home in the car. How romantic...

Anonymous said...

What you have described is so similar to my condition. I am at 13 weeks and have been throwing up undigested food even after 4-5 hours of eating and it just sucks :( I too have identified triggers but the list seems adding on as weeks pass. Even the things that were ok before are intolerable now. Did this type of vomiting ever end during (or soon after) your pregnancy ??

Anonymous said...

So good to hear everyones stories. I'm currently in my 25th week and still experiencing nausea every minute of every day, with the exception of 5 mins "rest" after I've eaten. Luckily I havent been sick since 21 weeks now but the horrible taste in my mouth is driving me crazy. I sound awful for saying this but dont you just hate it when you meet another pregnant person who tells you that "they never experienced" nausea/sickness - argh! Anyway good luck to all of you and we one day forget about this horrible time.

The Phoenix said...

Good news is that the vomiting ended IMMEDIATELY after I delivered my babies. I suspect it's linked to the placenta, because once that thing came out ... it's like I never had this "problem".

Once I recovered from the exhaustion of delivering a watermelon through a keyhole, I was ravenous as I never was before and I ate EVERYTHING that was in front of me, and I didn't feel sick or puke ONCE!! It was heaven!

Issue was that my bowels fell asleep (I dunno why) and I didn't poop for a week, partly cuz I was scared to tear my stitches, and when I finally did, my bowels started cramping like mad and I went through contractions like I was giving birth all over again!!!

I needed a jab to stop the contractions, because the pain was unbearable and I had to be moved around in a wheelchair in the hospital.

Anonymous said...

19 weeks pregnant with my second and happy to have found your site, I was starting to wonder how much of this is in my head! I feel like no one believes me that I puke up undigested food for 3-4 hours following every meal (nor do they care to discuss it as much as I do!). I haven't lost weight, but I have only gained 10 lbs so far, which is somewhat surprising considering my new diet: I eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner and snacks of fruit and string cheese throughout the day, miserably puke them up all day, and then I am starving by 9pm and eat potato chips and anything dipped in melted velvetta cheese. Here is one tip I have to add: Adrenaline works wonders in managing the puking, so exercise (like more than walking) when you are up to it. Unfortunately, that is the best way to get a rush of adrenaline when you are pregnant, since sky dyving, playing paintball, or gambling away baby's college savings are suddenly no longer appropriate once expecting. Anything with sugar (other than fruit, maybe because the sugar is fructose?) makes me puke immediately. One TBS of pudding last night did me in for hours. I used to have a real sweet tooth - I ate loads of chocolate chip cookies with my first pregnancy, so not tolerating sugar is crazy to me. I used to prefer lukewarm water but now can only drink it with ice. I can't handle ANY kind of fruit juice, gatorade, or soda, except fresh squeezed grapefruit juice (diluted a bit but no sugar added). The only food that really settles my stomach is salt (I think that is why the potato chips and velvetta are so settling - I swear I used to eat chips 3 times a year and now I binge on them everynight). I am considering buying a salt lick. This is so my last baby. Thanks for sharing, misery loves company.

Anonymous said...

im n0w in my 11th can relate with burping with fud...i fil nauseated,s0metimz thrz v0miting.wen i do v0mit the heartburn s so g0na try ur advice..thanx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. I'm only 7 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing non stop vomiting since week 5. Can't even keep down water so had to go to hospital for Iv. They gave me meds but doesn't seem to work so going bxk to hospital tonight. It's gotten so bad that I end up throwing up 3/4 times within an hour. Don't think I can take much more of this.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i must agree it feels kinda good to know I'm not alone in this! But my problem is that I've been vomiting as far back as at 2wks & am 10wks preg now, and so tired n frustrated. My greatest worry now is that my stomach lining seems to be worn out coz I'm the stomach ulcers have given me more pain than the preg hormones! I'm always burping and having endless hiccups due to this; and bad thing is nothing seems to stay in my tummy! I am so worried how my baby will survive in there without any food. Plus, right now I'm taking tablets for the ulcers & I'm soooooo tired of this. I've lost so much weight that i look at my tummy n its so small i wonder is there's a child in there !

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I will try the spicy food, see how it works for me, right now 19 weeks and I still feels horrible, but I notice some food/drinks that I can hold and funny enough it seems to be your "foods you can't eat" for me what it worked, or at least a lot of them. Coke helps me feels the vomiting feeling to stop for a little so I can eat something, but its just a couple of sips then I can't continue or it will make me vomit. Lemonade (from scratch not fake boxed lemonade) it was like sent from above, it will not only stop my nausea but it will get in my stomach like no other liquid and never vomited. Oranges it was more like a craving but it never made me sick, nectarines, nuts, butter cream hard candies, very hot drinks and iced drinks. I had to take promethazine because on top of being underweight I have lost so much weight in my 1st trimester but I did only when I was not being able to bear anything for a couple of days and I was vomiting blood, so I took it very few times when I was ordered to take it every 6 hrs. but like you I am terrified of this causing problems on my little one. Things I cannot hold: meat (specially chicken), garlic, onions, any fried food, water, mint gum or candy (might be cuz I had to smell it so often in the beginning pf my sickness since any smell will make me run to the bathroom, I guess I got sick of mint then)any raw vegetable. I am really hoping it will go away since I cannot gain weight yet, I will try some of your suggestions & hope it works for me too. thank you :)

SimplyDes said...

I'm so glad I found you Phoenix....I'm so happily miserable if that makes sense. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and eating is the biggest damn chore. The only thing on your can't list I can't relate to is lemonade....Surprisingly I can keep this down, though it has to be fresh lemonade
. Otherwise I'm right with you. I'm the worst kind of bitch cause I'm nauseous all of the time. UGhhh and it doesn't help my boyfriend saying "Maybe it's all in your head" . I want to kick him in the head and put his damn head in the toilet when I throw the f@#% up. Anyway since I can relate to your aversions, I'm going to try your can list. Thank you and again and Blessings to you and your babies.

Anonymous said...

I was so glad that i found your post!!As i was typing n reading now, i just puked. Just into my 2nd trimester, i've been nauseous and vomitting since week 6 and lost abt close to 5kg. Watever you shared were so true with me too, i effectively lost 100% appetite, no drink or food can be tolerated.Watever i ate, 2/3 came out thereafter within 4 hours, sometimes immediate. I find extremely comforting to know its not mind over matter and i constantly bring plastic bags knowing my frequency. I even tot perhaps i wanted to puke out to help in my digestion faster!And i wonder when will i get better. I too hope to enjoy my preggie like most MTBs, just getting to the birth time, it takes alot determination and endurance, not knowing physically i can endure so and mentally i can be so. Nonetheless, i am so glad to see your postings and hope to derive my strength and endurance from you.:o)

Anonymous said...

I am happy to chance upon this blog too. Am now 11 weeks pregnant and just can't seem to hold down any food nor drink. I used to be someone who live to eat but now have extreme aversion to any kind of food that you put in front of me. I've been throwing up sour stuff even without eating. The feeling is awful and I tell myself this would be my last pregnancy. I feel bad for my baby too as I have not been taking any folic acid nor supplements, as the thought of swallowing them is enough to make me sick. I wonder how I can continue with a full time job if this vomitting persist throughout my pregnancy. Also feel guilty towards my elder daughter as I have been feeling so lousy that I've been negleting her. PLEASE let me get through this pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby SOON enough.

linda said...

Honestly i vomit like hell whenever i eat something and am five months pregnancy i just dont know what to do anymore coz am tired of taking this medicine called nosic...i want to try your procedure may be it will also work for me.

Anonymous said...

i am on my 14th week and i am truly deeply stressed out since my day would not be completed if i dont vomit! i am afraid to eat since i dont like the taste of the food when it comes out...i hate drinking water too...guess i will try to follow your advises...i really prayed hard that this will phase will pass because i already missed the feeling of being satisfied and full after eating...

Anonymous said...

Hey I am having those same problems I recently was throwing up blood and dr said to rest. Some of the tips you provided I will try them to see because nothing has worked for me except the cold water. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanku for writing this! Im 15wks. All day 'morning' sickness had gone, was eating happily, gaining weight finally, then this wk i was hospitalised for dehyration after stupid acid reflux decided to make it IMPOSSIBLE to eat/drink. Family, docs, nurses, NO-ONE can help, especially idiots that had perfect pregnancies & think ur over- reacting! My adversions keep changing & now ive got the burning weight loss minefield of trying eat/drink to just survive without vomiting. Bit less depressed to read im not alone & there's a world full of us trying to work this out! I hav tiny bites of bland dry foods & wait 2hrs before sipping cold water. Goin2 try Mylanta when i have the next acid reflux episode. I miss fruit so much! Will try banana again soon & maybe kids chew vitamin? Cos can't keep down pregnancy vits right now. Main things being concerned for child, but im sure their taking evrything they need, i'll just be a worn out incubator til they arrive. Thanku evryone for sharing, its lifted my spirits, best of luck x

Vicci said...

I'm having my fourth baby (27 weeks now)and I've suffered with vomiting throughout them all. First trimester I've always had hyperemisis and had to go into hospital on a drip. It then eases up for a short while, maybe a couple of weeks around the 20 week mark, then I really struggle again until giving birth.I've got to the point now where I'm going to phone the Dr for advice (lol) not that it will do me any good, as I just cannot keep anything down again.I'm always lighter after pregnancy than I was before, always had really healthy happy babies though :)
So glad to have found others that have suffered the same, please excuse me now as I have to vomit again :(

Anonymous said...

Omg! And I thought I was the only one. I'm having my first child and 6 months along whose still puking her guts out, this lady right here. I too have burped and to my (not) surprise, it was my undigested food hours later but don't forget the heartburn. Loved the post I will definitely give it a try :)

Anonymous said...

This post makes me feel so much better. I was starting to feel like I was crazy. I am 11 weeks and the nausea has started to diet down but I am still puking about 2 hours after I eat. I feel like I have to burp all the time. I am down 10lbs and on Zofran. I have had to go to hospital for an IV once. I am going to try this list and see what works.

Anonymous said...

You sound like me :(

ujala said...

Hi ! thanks for such an original piece of experience, I can so much relate to it.i am in my 6th month and still feeling extremely sick ..much of the discomfort is caused by acid reflux than vomitting itself.i have noted that eating pomogranate further adds to the one more item on 'not to eat' list.

Anonymous said...

Watermelon helped for a short while, one of my nurses sugested it and I haven't seen it listed anywhere. I have to keep trying new things as something will help for a couple days, then it just won't. Good luck to us all!

Anonymous said...

I thought being pregnant it will be fun but it isn't i throw up everythin I eat I feel sick all the time.I hate this feeling

TIFF Bishop said...

I been vomiting ever since yesterday afternoon. i woke up frm my nap throwing up. every three hours im up.had to sleep seating up. Had crackers this morning and didnt stay dont and water didnt stay down..... I dnt know what to do. Im 4.7 months pregnant and he husband is worried. My vomiting got myback hurting and i have ms. its crazy wht should i do?

faith said...

I agree! Im only two months and started having to rest food too because I lost 24 lbs in the first month but I caught it early and started changing everything fast now im slowly regaining my ability to eat and drink cold liquids again.

Anonymous said...

You wrote exactly what I feel and though my food list is slightly different to yours most of it is relatable. My husband is frustrated watching me throw up but imagine how I feel actually doing the throwing up...even reading a food menu makes me nauseated. It is really frustrating and yep this isn't hormonal vomiting it's much worse.

Anonymous said...

I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with my third baby. I don't remember with my other two feeling this yucky! I have a fear that it won't go away after delivery and I pray to god it does! I feel like I am going absolutely crazy... I feel like some of the nausea had caused me to have anxiety and I can't even go to the grocery store without wanting to run out vomitting! Can anyone else relate to that feeling?! I get anxiety feelings just thinking of leaving the house, the house is my safe place lol

Anonymous said...

Hi I can totally relate to your post...I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and just when ithought the vomitting had stopped I end up puking up again : ( ....its horrendous and the migraine that comes with it is terrible as well...I feel like am gonna be one of those ladies who pukes till the end...not a very good feeling at all...

Anonymous said...

Wow. Great post. However I'm so scared to try food . every woman differs. Thanks for the valuable info. It feels good to know I'm not alone. Thanks Phoenix.

kenji chu said...

Hi, really happy to see this post. I am 12th weeks pregnant. I was diagnosed with hypermesis during my 7 weeks pregnancy. I was admitted to hospital for a drip. Doctor has prescribed my anti vomited pills. I hv been taking it everyday because I cant hv foods and water down. Everyday is like a roller coaster ride. There are day I can eat n drink and there are day I just can't get anything down. I hv vomited almost more then 10 times plus a day. Every nite I need to wakeup to eat something coz of the stomach acid and hunger strike me. Really glad that I found this blog. It is really helpful. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is the first article I have found which has made sense. Initially I was sick with all day morning sickness, which was only made better by eating. But more recently (2nd Trimester now) I can only hold so much down and certain foods just don't seem to digest and just come up again undigested even many hours later. I find it gets worse later on in the day, I assume my stomach has given up by then...! Going back to GP next week to see what they suggest but I think working out which foods work/don't work sounds like the best option at the moment and for me probably eating less in the evenings. Thanks again really helpful to hear your experience X

Anonymous said...

Spicy & salty, watermelon, lemon juice, very hot & cold water, all these relate to me. Now I know that I am not the only one who pukes out even warm water, minutes after drinking it. I can relate to your initial fear for food, the helplessness and the joy of finding the ultimate solution to stopping the vomitting, which no doctors could advise me too.
The common mistake done by the doctors are "Take 2 slices of toast bread if you can't take rice", without realising that bread is one of the main causes of vomitting.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the same situation and I don't believe these things will hurt me to try ...I can not find any other relief at least she is trying to help other women. ...thank you :)

Sara said...

Shame on you stupid what she says its what worked best for must have never been in our shoes where absolutely nothing stays down.....learn to read the article before you bitch.....stupid bitch

Sara said...

Right ugh i read the reply and instantly my bp went up....what's wrong with people?! If it helped you it may help one of us too....just like with everything else online you can't go by everything and you take what you can from all these least you are a real person trying to help

Anonymous said...

OMG THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!! I have suffered from nausea/vomiting throughout this entire pregnancy (my third and by far my worst in terms of gastro distress). I'm 27 weeks right now. Everything I read about nausea and vomiting addresses the morning sickness variety, but I have exactly what you are talking about. My digestion is so slow that I can eat something at 11am and vomit it out at 8pm. As the baby grows, it's as if the food is sitting right in my throat. Now, my diet requirements are totally different from yours(for some reason most carbs, including crackers, make me violently ill, while greasy meats go down well), but I find it frustrating that there isn't more literature on this specific issue in pregnancy. I find walking and yoga help to speed up the disgestive process, but most of the time, I find myself belching constantly and burping up bits of food I ate hours ago. It's disgusting and frustrating, and quite frankly, I can't wait to have THIS FUCKING BABY (I love you baby, BUT I literally want to cut my stomach out at the moment). End of rant. Thanks for making me feel not so alone.

Anonymous said...

We'll your list was helpful for me! 6 months now and the crazy vomit cycle still hasn't ended! I feel guilt because the two things that stay down everytime without fail are instant chicken noodles and chips with gravy! Trying to be healthy and eat fruit/veg and it's a no go situation! So thank you for your post you have given me some relief and products to try!

Ama said...

Wow such a good description of my experience. Thanks for sharing.

SAMU said...

Trying out the potatoes now! I'm a student and I don't have time to be cooking smaller different meals all the time.this baby is impossible to manage.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say you have my complete and utter respect for choosing to endure this 3 times; your kids must be insanely cute :) I really appreciate your advice, and most of all just your venting as I can relate to it.

My story is a little different from yours. My first pregnancy I had hot/cold flashes but only puked once in the first trimester. 2nd pregnancy, worse nausea and puked 5 times. Now, my third pregnancy, I'm 10 weeks and, I know it's nothing compared to unfathomably having this continue for months but - I puke several times a day - so much I have lost count the past week. I know I don't need to tell you this but, it obviously hurts my esophagus. Don't hate me but I'm still hoping against hope that it goes away by 13 weeks. Either way this is my last one; I cannot believe in the comments someone puked all the way with all her kids but still had 6. That woman deserves some kind of medal of honor.

Obviously, I have no advice to offer, or I'd be using it myself LOL! I thought I had a good thing with the original jello (even though I know it's not healthy) - as a means of hydration but, been puking that out.

I only wanted to cautiously mention that if you are worried about MSG and other such spices Campbell's may not always be the best choice. If you can stomach it there's some Pacific Organic alternatives if you can handle soup. But that said my food choices in the first trimester with all my kids have been absolutely horrendous compared to what I normally eat (all organic, home made food). I feel somewhat guilty about that but, I literally cannot eat or prepare the foods I used to. I have even eaten gummy worms and cheese its, and Chinese food with MSG and stuff briefly. I'm really ashamed but I think only a person in this circumstance can understand how dehumanizing it is, and how you just can't function at your optimal.

I take some pride in not having used medication (which I fear) but at the same time am afraid because...I know some of the stuff I've eaten is not healthy. But in my experience I ate healthiest with my first child, and though he's very intelligent and verbose - he suffered terrible night terrors and tantrums, while with my 2nd I ate kind of comparatively shittier in the first trimester, and he is sweet, calm, not so verbal but definitely intelligent in his own, baby way. Very good sleeper and easy baby.

Just wanted to put that out there.

Anonymous said...

Omg... Most of what you said is GOSPEl! Just ended my first trimester, lost 15lbs and thinking to myself ... I thought pregnancy was abt eating n getting fat... While im over here pukinh ny life away. I puke cuz I'm hungry. I puke cuz I eat. I realize some things in ur blog that have been triggering me luke fruits! Once I eat it before or after a meal, it comes back up. Dairy is an absolute no no. Those give ne the worst vonitting, spurting through ny nose even! If I drink and eat, it comes back up. After eating if I bend over or move arnd too much, it comes back up! Thanks for all the tips!!!! I pray I have a smoother rd becuz Dec 1 is very far away.

WeedNationNZ said...

This is me to a tee, spewing especially after milo, tea or coffee recently shit :(

Anonymous said...

Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up.
The words in your post seem to be running off the screen in Opera.

I'm not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I
figured I'd post to let you know. The design look great
though! Hope you get the issue fixed soon. Cheers