Monday, 5 January 2009

From The Ashes ! (literally)


I've resurrected my old blog. Lazy to start a new one and rebuild an archive of new posts (even though there weren't that many to begin with in my old blog), just because certain purple assholes can't handle reading the truth. You know who you are.

There were big plans to write about the wedding, but then the pregnancy came along.

Then there were big plans to write about the pregnancy, and then the all-day sickness came along ... and stayed.

Am itching to start writing again.


Chris Chong said...

Write write write!!!

Anonymous said...

You have to update my blog link - no longer Circles for Squares, as you're aware!!!

The Phoenix said...

You dowan to advertise your other blog mah. So which one you want me to link??

Anonymous said...

not really advertise mah, just easy for u to click also .. haha