Sunday, 9 September 2012

Condor 1's "Gifts" - The Genting Experience

We've always suspected Condor 1 was psychic and could see "things".

Experience 1

When he was around 1+, he often cried and clung in fear to his caregiver when he was being bathed in my in-laws' spare room. He hated one particular spot high up in the curtains, where it was a little dark, even with the lights on. Always would stare at that spot and cry. The maids would get creeped out and run down the stairs with him, while he was still half-dressed.

Experience 2

He's about 2yo and having dinner with us in Churrascaria, this Brazillian place. He's seated near some handmade earthenware pots, and was fine till an hour into dinner he starts freaking out and crying for no reason. The waiter (who's been there since the beginning of time) came over calmly and made the sign of the cross on C1's forehead and said, "Jesus, please protect me from the things I see" and C1 calmed down immediately. About 15-30min later, he freaked out again. Again, the waiter repeated the ritual and he calmed. I asked C1 to say, "Thank you, uncle" and for once, he actually looked at him and said it. Normally, he NEVER acknowledges another human being or speaks to them despite my prompting. So that in itself was amazing enough for us to take note of.

Experience 3

In my house (around 1yo or younger), my mom saw him staring at the landing of my staircase, then following something with his eyes as it came down the stairs and walked out the front door. Then he stated brightly, "Tata!" which is his word for grandfather, although Tata refers to his paternal grandfather who is still alive, and KongKong would be for his maternal grandfather who had passed away more than 5 years ago.

Experience 4

He can also pick things out of your head, if you happen to be thinking hard about something. Sort of like how I can do that with my siblings. Last week, he went on a car ride with my hubbie and his friend, and suddenly said, "Stones! Stones!" My hubbie and friend froze, cuz that is my hubbie's nickname from school. His friends used to call him that all the time, but not recently, and not in front of C1.

We joke about his "powers" all the time, because I always wanted to have psychic abilities like pyrokenesis or telekenesis, or even mind control, so I was open-minded and almost wishful about the abilities. But we never seriously thought he had any.

We went to Genting on 6th Sept to celebrate my birthday, and now have 99.9% confirmed that he has them.


On 6th Sept, he spent the whole evening playing in the indoor theme park. We took the connecting walkways back to the hotel around 10pm and walked past a row of old promo posters featuring artistes who had performed in Genting before (some of them almost dead, like Cliff Richard, and some of them already dead, like Michael Learns To Rock). James was fine, chattering away about his day.
Hmm. This IS pretty scary.

On 7th Sept, after a whole day in the outdoor and indoor theme parks, we took the walkway back again around 8.15pm, because C1 had very little sleep the night before and gets very lau kai, so we wanted him in bed earlier.

Before C1 and my hubbie reached the row of posters, he started freaking out, saying, "Scared! Scared! Scared!" and wanting his father to carry him. His grip around his father's neck tightened into a vice when they walked past the posters, and he shut his eyes as tight as he could, refusing to open them or be let back on the ground.

He does have irrational fears of things like this every once in awhile, so we figured he was just afraid of the posters of the creepy old singers and of plastic surgery (Jolin Tsai). Hubbie had to put him down at one point to help me carry Condor 2 down some stairs in his pram. C1 refused to let go, clinging to him like a burr.
Plastic surgery. Terrifying.

When he peeled C1 off, C1 stood on the ground shaking a little, body all tense, with his eyes still tightly shut. I kept telling him there were no more pictures, and kept repeating what I said, then slowly opened his eyes. He didn't seem to see anything scary anymore, though he was still very shaken and clingy the rest of the way.

He kept mumbling, "C1 is scared of all the people" for the rest of the night, on and off, between other subject matters. We were all squashed into bed, lights off, when he started saying it again. So we started questioning him :

Mommy : Were the people INSIDE the picture, or OUTSIDE the picture?
C1 :  (pause) Outside the picture.
Mommy & Daddy : (geli silence)
Daddy : What colour are the people? Are they grey, black, white, pink ...?
C1 : Grey
Mommy & Daddy : (more geli silence + bulu standing)
Mommy : Are the people walking or standing there?
C1 : Standing there.
Mommy : What are they doing? Are the people talking to C1?
C1 : No. The people talk to C1. The people don't talk to C1.
Mommy : Are the people waving at C1?
C1 : The people waving at C1.

Ok, after that point, I think he lost the plot and was just repeating after me, because he kept reverting back to "C1 scared of all the people". I kept asking him to say the Hail Mary, since he knows how to say the whole thing, and he started off the first 2 lines and let me continue for the rest of the night. So scary.

We waited till we got home the next day to ask him more. I drew an outline of a man in a picture frame and an outline of a man standing on the ground, and asked him which was the people he saw. He pointed consistently at the outline of the man standing outside.

Then he got really upset and kept insisting I draw a collarbone. I drew 2 lines on the outline's chest and he seemed satisfied. Later I tried it again, same result. He asked me to draw the collarbone again and I gave him the pencil to do it, and he made 2 lines at the chest where the bone should be, then smiled.

We don't know what he saw or what happened, but we figured that on 6th Sept, since it was a Fri and there was a concert blaring just down the walkway, maybe all the restless spirits in Genting were going there to kepoh (like they do during the 7th month concerts) and that's why he could see them.

I am creeped out yet impressed at his possible abilities and hope to learn how I could help him deal with them. I see them as a gift from God, and there must be a reason he has them. I hope all the spirits are not harmful ones and this ability doesn't affect him mentally or physically - that's where I draw the line and will find a way to get his "3rd eye" closed, the way so many adults here have done so.

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