Saturday, 29 September 2012

Condor 1 sees a vampire in A&W ?

We were having tea with the hubbie's friends in A&W, the one by the Taman Jaya LRT station.

Condor 1had spent the whole day out, taking the LRT to KLCC this morning, and slept really late for his nap at 3pm. He woke up pretty grumpy, similar to how tired and grumpy he was in Genting.

Was trying to feed him in A&W when he started burying his face in the hubbie's lap. He had been watching the TV behind him before that. He kept saying he wanted to "get out get out" and acting like he was afraid, his whole body tensed. We figured he must've seen a balloon because that was upsetting him for the most part of the KLCC trip.

I dragged him over to me, but he kept his head down and when he realised it was me, he immediately climbed into my lap and made a beeline for my crucifix. He held it and kept saying, "Jesus protect me".

Then I realised he must have seen something.

I asked him what was wrong :

C1 : The face. Scared the face.

Mom : What face?

C1 : The face. The girl got the face. The girl's teeth so sharp. The teeth so brown. The teeth so sharp. I dowan to be scared.

I kept trying to prompt him to show me where this was, because I wondered if it was the TV. But he only repeated variations of the above, so I kept reawssuring him and telling him to continue praying and that mommy will make it "go away". He calmed down and was ok again.

Later at home, when he brought it up again, I asked him if the girl was inside the TV or outside. He said, "Outside" ... but later at night, again when he brought it up, he said it was in the TV.

Am pretty sure this one was from the TV cuz I saw some semi-scary ads with this weird woman wielding a pitchfork. But it still scared us a little because OMFG THERE COULD HAVE BEEN A VAMPIRE IN A&W!!!

Thank God it wasn't Edward

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