Monday, 23 July 2007

Date A Nerd

Having observed the dating scene in KL very closely in the last 4 years when I was single, I came to realise ... what a huge bunch of lechers KL men can be.

With women reportedly outnumbering the males 8 : 1 in KL, I guess they are spoilt for choice so one can't blame some for enjoying life as the village bicycle. But it left a very bleak outlook for my romantic future. I had limited options open to me ...

Option 1 : Get into a relationship with a KL guy, who's sophisticated, romantic and possibly charming but accept that he's going to cheat on me at least once in our lives together. (I just betta not find out bout it, and he'd betta not bring nuthin' home from whichever ho he's doin' - otherwise I'll bust a cap in his ass)

Option 2 :
Build up as many hobbies as I can so I can stay single, do whatever I want and forget about getting married.

Option 3 : Get into a relationship with a nerd, who'll never cheat on me but wears pocket protectors, pays more attention to his boy toys than to me, says all the wrong things at all the wrong times and most likely be bore the hell out of me in 3 months.

Seems that fate decided to take the decision out of my inept, single-for-a-lifetime hands and dealt me some cards from deck number #3.

I'm dating a self-proclaimed nerd. And I love the bugger to death.

None of my predispositions about the nerd race held true with this one (except for the toys part) and he says things that make me feel amazing. The best part is, it's not out of some stupid movie (he hasn't seen that many) or book he's read. He's too innocent (or nerdy?) for subterfuge and flattery - so what he says, he means.

A couple of months back, he came to me looking a little pensive. He was thinking about us, and a random situation had popped into his head : "What if he was suddenly sent 10 years back into the past?" Assuming that he had all his memories of the future, but he was now given a chance to relive his life 10 years into the past.

Now, most people would be delighted at the opportunity and would start spouting whimsical rhetoric about how they'd do this differently, say that differently, choose different paths etc... basically revised actions that can undo past regrets, land a better job or a chick with bigger boobs etc... all to improve their current future.

But ... what he told me was his first reaction was panic. Because he would have to remember every move ,and replicate every single decision he's ever made in the last 10 years ---- to ensure that it eventually lead to the circumstances that allowed him to meet me again in the future.

If you know the story of how we met, or should I say, DIDN'T meet - you'll know why this statement is not just romantic hogwash.

It was the most fucking romantic thing I've ever heard in my entire life.

Sob. Never expected that from a self-proclaimed nerd.

So girls, go out there and bag one. They're the best.


Circles for Squares said...

lolllll boy toys means younger male loverssssssssss~~~

Anyway, I like this post, for it is very true. As much as one would like to go back and meet their loved one sooner, one would not be able to appreciate said loved one the same way - retained memories or not - for it is experience that makes us each who we are that others fall in love with, ETC!!

Steve wants me to say that I too bagged one from Category Numero Tres, so yes - both psychotic sisters have ended up with good men. Who woulda thunk it?!

Circles for Squares said...

Uhm lemme rephrase - "... for it is experience that makes us each the person with whom others fall in love ..."

Maybe that's more confusing, but you know what I mean.

FireChick said...

My brain can't wrap itself around that, but yeah I know what you mean.

But you know what they say, the nice guys all end up with ... erm ... nicer women!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey i readed ur old blog the bottom there when u were in kotakinabalu soooo sweet lah propose that time(im no a small boy anymore=P)and ur new koko kruch cerial looks good haha one more thing i agree with u on friendster blog and the profile thingy also really sucks why want to cre8 this kinds of things...what strangers that u dont even noe....maybe got all sluts in friendster to get what online dating ....haha oh well take care see ya around.....ciaozzz from ur cute cousin=P SeAn

David SL Cheang said...

I'm not a toy boy. I love boys toys, toying with a boy is not a good idea, you can't really boy a toy as boy is not a verb last time i checked the kamus. Your blogs are ever so interesting. I didn't read how you met your nerd, is it somewhere buried in your blogs? My wife met her nerd whilst driving past a poor chap sorting out the mess from an overturned rubbish bin. Is that romantic or what?

self proclaimed nerd, with glassess to match.

Sui Jean said...

aww.. my heart melts reading your blog. so sweet. I think anything that comes sincerely from the heart, whether it's from a 'nerd' or a 'hunk', makes the moment real. And real moments when someone tells you they love you is romantic. (this is really like your stories in school!!)
David, Elaine's account of how she got engaged is in her Frienster Blog. Can't remember the title now but related to Mount Kinabalu.

FireChick said...

Yo David - You never read my long winded post about the Mt Kinabalu climb ah? About your home town also don't want to read? Tsk. Eh, where's Edmund's video?!?!

Jean - Yeah, but usually the "sophisticated" hunks are too practiced and smooth. Nerds are real, cuz they don't know how to be smooth. Muahahahaha. Yahor ... really like my stories in school. God must have been reading them.

FireChick said...

Sean - You very farnee la you. Small boy but talk so big ah ... "slut slut" all.

Chris Chong said...

Eh? Who's this nerd you're talking about?


Wanderer said...

Nerds rock!

(I made that into a t-shirt and got laid/rich/buggered).


FireChick said...

Hi CC - You know him well.
Hi W - Erm. Do I get a cut?