Thursday, 19 July 2007


God, I'm turning into a monster.

Snapping at everything in sight. Even at the stupid people assisting the wedding planners in the hotels.

I shouldn't be angry at the dumb little shits. It must be frustrating to have completely no power to negotiate anything, nor be able to provide any information that could help an enquiring couple. Never mind that they could easily say the magic words, "Let me check and I'll get back to you."

Instead, they speak to me in broken English, reply emails with atrocious grammar, don't answer the questions that I put forth to them, and don't even have the courtesy to call me back.

Then when I snap at them, I feel terrible because I'm sure anyone else would put up with this, maintain civility and then bitch to their fiancee in frustration.

I went out to buy a DVD which I thought would help me to be firm, demanding, bitchy and yet keep icy cool.

Oh yeah. Miranda Priestly rocks.

She gets what she wants without raising her voice one decible. Just one look. A pursing of the lips. People scamper away to do her bidding or cower under a table in fear. Me likey.

Another show I'd like to emulate :

*Strokes cat and wheezes*

I like this one even more. Because I can make offers people can't refuse (thus savings me hours of negotiating, talking and forced smiles) .... AND .... I can make the people that piss me off disappear.


Circles for Squares said...

Fiance for boy, fiancee for girl! So I've been told, so I practice!

Anywho, yes.. silence is deadlier than raised voices. Keep icy cool, babygirl.. ice cooooool!

FireChick said...

Stop correcting my English cheebai! Anyways, I wasn't arsed enough to look it up.

David SL Cheang said...

wat oh...malaysian talking broken english why cannot one ah? we are all vely malaysian and vely chinese also mah. if they stupid government can be bothered to improve english levels in school den evely body can also speak good good english the ang moh's one. but how? even the english standard is so vely shit oledi in skool, people cannot affor private tuition. have to lah...settle with the vely clappy ones lah. ;)

FireChick said...

David - I bet it must've taken you the better part of an hour to write that. It's harder to pretend to be Ah Beng. Only Edmund can do it naturally. Heh heh.