Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Unexpected Wedding Bells

No, by that title, I don't mean that I've been knocked up.

Touch wood. * Quickly goes off to check on condom supply*

But many people who know me or work(ed) with me, and knew me when I was single, were reeling in shock to discover that someone actually wanted to marry me.

They didn't see me as the marrying type, maybe. But no one dared to say that to my face. Ha ha. Which is probably the exact reason why they can't see me as the marrying type.

Following on from the previous post, I know I don't have a sterling reputation for being sweet, but I can't believe how many people are surprised by my announcement.

I'm not THAT bad.

There's a guy who wants to marry me. Really. And he's fantastic.

On the flip side, the reaction after the initial shock is that they are REALLY happy for me. To the point that I feel embarassed to return their enthusiasm, because I'm still suspicious from the initial reaction.

Ah well. I'm getting married. Deal with it.


Circles for Squares said...

Turn on anonymous comments dammit! Or else non bloggers can't leave comments!

Anyway, I get the same reaction from a lot of people. Most of the time, it's the people who never bothered to keep in touch with me over the years, and who only see me as the person they knew when they last saw me (like 8 years ago wtf)

The reaction "WHAT I NEVER PICTURED U FOR THE MARRYING TYPE" pisses me off so much. Like, okay, the sensitive side of me goes "So what, nobody will want to marry me, is that it?" and then the other side is like "Oh cos I'm so independent!" or some shit like that.

These stupid fucks don't understand what a marriage means. They think it's all sweet useless brides and sweeping prince charmings.

I'd like to see how they fare walking down the aisle and the years to come after that.

Keep in mind these are very likely the same people who will be sprouting "advice" to younger soon-to-be-wed people, saying stuff like "Married life is not fun, you will get on each other's nerves, etc"

Hey, just cos you're an unstable dickhead doesn't mean I am. *rolls eyes so hard that I faint from the pressure in my head*

FireChick said...

Done! Anonymous people can now terrorise my blog, too!

Be cool. Be cool. All we can do is live our lives well and tell well-meaning advisors to bugger off if they start to sound irritating.

Anonymous said...