Tuesday, 20 March 2012

James kicks ass

At playgroup today, there was a much older boy (maybe about 4 or 5 years old) playing with the kids. He was pretty rough, and kept snatching the spatula James was playing with right out of his hand.

I managed to quieten James' wails when I found another one. But the boy returned and started to sword fight with James using the spatula. Since James' latest obsession was Puss In Boots, he was very happy to oblige.

But while James was smiling and giggling as they locked spatulas, I noticed the boy had a belligerent expression and was actually TRYING to hurt James. He kept aiming for James' hands, instead of his spatula, and had already swiped various parts of his body. I saw a red line across James' cheek.

I was unsure if I should intervene, because James was still smiling and having fun. So I just stood there, wringing my hands, 10 feet away.

Then, the boy disarmed James by snatching his spatula, so he now had both while James had none. I started moving towards them, because given the boy's expression, he was going to hit my defenseless baby with both spatulas!

James surprised me first.

He looked down at his empty hand, looked up at the boy who was about the swing the spatulas at him, and immediately stepped forward to slam his hand into the boy's chest. The boy flew backwards several feet and started crying for his mommy.

I have NEVER been as proud of my son as I was that day. When I regaled his daddy, my mom and my in-laws with this story, everyone broke out in applause.

It was so unexpected, because despite his size, James is a gentle giant. He usually gets bullied by the more aggressive kids, and just takes their hits in his stride, never retaliating. I was actually worried that he would never learn to defend himself.

But with everything else that he does, he's led by his instincts. And such KILLER instincts he has. Oooo.

I thought it was a coincidence at first, that James was just playing with him. But several times the boy disarmed him, and each time (before the boy could do him any harm) James would slam his palm into the boy's chest and send him flying.


I am such a proud mommy right now.

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