Monday, 12 March 2012

Joshua's 1st steps

He was holding a toy and standing on his own, near my computer, while James was bounding about the room and around him. He got caught up in the moment and kept taking steps forward, feet flat on the ground.

He was trying to walk after James, and not trapezing from one piece of furniture to another for once. I was amazed to see him plodding one foot after another, with GREAT stability. He even turned and continued on his journey.

I got the camera out and started videoing and he stopped. Stared at me. Realised what he was doing. Sat down. GAAAAAH.

Guess it's just a confidence thing for him now. He definitely can walk. It'll be so cute to see him walk. I can't wait! He's much more careful than James, so it should be less stressful than James' first year of walking. No need to follow him around everywhere, hovering right behind him in fear of tripping or an intentional backflip.

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