Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Spawn comes in handy at Immigration

Holy crap.

Went to renew my passport today, with Joshua in tow. Got stuck in a jam for more than an hour heading to the Kelana Jaya office, mainly at the roundabout at the school. Fucking Malaysian's can't drive for shit. They turned a single lane U-turn curve into a 3-lane one, and as I was at the apex of the U-turn, waiting for traffic to inch by, an asshole zooms by to create a 4th lane! And of course, all the other jerks in line decide to follow him. Learn to drive, bloody Malaysians!!!

Joshua started wailing in the car, but thank God I could quieten him with a biscuit. Thought he was fed up of Rusks already, but he was happy to munch through it this time.

The car park was at the same level as the Immigration office, so great for families with strollers. There was a long queue at the kiosk, but it moved quickly. There was a sour-faced woman at the kiosk, wearing what appeared to be 4-inches of foundation that was 3-shades lighter than her actual skin, who helped with the submission.

You just need :
- RM300 in RM50 notes (for 5 year renewal)
- Your original passport
- Your original MyKAD
- One passport photo

No need forms or photocopy IC. Give all of them to the sour-faced woman, take your receipt and you're free to go .... to wait for 1 hour, then go to Counter 1 to take your number for collection.

I figured I could make Josh nap during the hour wait, and was shocked to see an official sign for a BREASTFEEDING ROOM! It was a acrylic sign with a drawing of a faceless mom, exposing her boob for the head of a baby. The room was basically a detention room with a long square table and 2 hard kenduri chairs, but it was an OFFICIALLY designated bfeeding room!! I was so shocked at the sensitivity!

Josh drank and I came out to bounce him to sleep. While doing so, all the eyes were on me cuz I was covering his eyes with my sling. How the fuck you think he's gonna sleep with you making so much noise, people? Talk to the hand. Puhhhh.

Then, an Indian manager started beckoning to me from way behind the counters. He asked me to come and make my passport at one of the open counters, instead of waiting for my number. Told him I already gave my stuff to the kiosk, and he wanted my collection number. Told him I only submitted it 15 minutes ago, so I didn't have one. He asked for my receipt.

And he expedited the whole thing!

In 15 minutes, someone called out my name (didn't even have to take the collection number) and I walked off with my new passport! IT'S SO HANDY TO HAVE A BABY!!!!

I'm so impressed with the efficiency, but even more so by the sensitivity shown by the Immigration people. I messaged The Husband about it and he asked if I was in Malaysia. Hur hur.

Only problem was, I had planned for an hour's wait so Josh could get his full hour's nap. As it was, poor guy only got 30 mins sleep and was wailing in the car as I left. :(

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