Thursday, 29 March 2012

Joshua Finally Walks

The long awaited day finally came!

For weeks, the little fellow's been teasing us with a few steps and lunges from one piece of furniture to another, or standing on his own for minutes on end. But try to lead him to take steps on his own, and he sits down the minute you remove his support or keeps walking on tip toe and threatening to fall over if you loosen your grip.

We knew he could do it, just that confidence seemed to be the issue. Plus, he seemed happy to do his weird sit-crawl, since he could get around really fast that way AND hold a toy at the same time.

This afternoon, he started taking a few steps on his own, near the lizard shit patio area. But lunged for the exploded bouncy castle. I figured it would be a few more days.

Then during dinner at my in-laws', he was playing around the TV area and we just let go of him and off he went. Toddling away, with his feet flat on the ground for once. He took more than 10 steps and I was sure he would either sit or pitch forward, but he continued walking with GREAT stability - even stoppping and making a 90 degree turn.

The maids were already letting him walk 15 minutes before that, while we were eating, so they didn't find this as exciting as we did.

But we let him walk all over the house, and the way he was going, it seemed like he had been doing it for weeks, not having just started moments before! My little cutie pie. He looks adorable when walking, as I thought he would.

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