Sunday, 11 March 2012

Joshua speaks & James is SOOO CUUUUTE

Joshua has been demonstrating great verbal skills in the last couple of weeks. Although his first official word was "Hewwwwoooo?", he's hardly repeated it. But he's been able to imitate me when I over-pronounce and repeat all these words so far :

- Aaaah-puh (apple)
- Baa-buh (bubble)
- Am-puh (Pampers)
- Thoop (soup)
- Tahhh (star)

He also likes dogs because it's one of the first animals he's learned to recognise and gets very excited whenever he sees one, squealing and exclaiming in his staccatto bursts, and POINTING at them. He's very responsive to Bolt, standing on his own to watch it (he doesn't realise, or he'd straight away sit down) and squawking and exclaiming at various points of the intro.

And James, the ever lazy to feed himself, did something so adorable.

I had piled chips and chicken nuggets on his plate and put it on his table. He ignored it, busy doodling on his magnetic doodle pad. Nearly knocked the plate down a few times, pissing me off. So I took it away and put it on the main table, and ignored James to feed Josh.

I went to the kitchen, and while there I heard James sort of humming to himself outside (like "tum te tum" or something similar), and when I returned, the whole plate of food was back on James' table and he was putting a tomatoed nugget into his mouth.

My little clumsy had very carefully balanced and brought the plate from the main table to his table, without spilling anything on it, and started eating on his own! SO CUUUUUTE.

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